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Specify the meeting place in the "From" field, and your destination - in the "To" field. You can select any city, airport, train station, port, and the hotel you want from the drop-down menu or enter the exact address of the place.

Click the button "Search". Choose a suitable transfer class and click "Book" to proceed with the booking of a suitable car.

In the "Pick-up" field Choose the city or text the exact name of the hotel from which you need to go to the airport. The price does not depend on the address you will be picked at by the driver, but it should be within the selected area. Moreover, you need to enter the airport name in the "Drop-off" area as well.

Important: To accurately calculate the time of car delivery, take into account the travel time indicated on the website, and plus 3 hours for registration at the airport.

Ziyas transfer prices do not depend on weekends or the time of the day. That is the point that differs the transfer service from other taxi services and local taxis.

For example, with Ziyas, it is possible to book a taxi transfer from the airport to the city for any day at a current price specified on the website. The only limitation is mentioned rules of minimum booking time. Check the minimum pre-order period in advance.

Important: On some holidays or large-scale events (such as New year, Olympics or World Cup), the price may be higher due to increased demand.

The time en-route can be found on our website and in your booking confirmation voucher (pdf file, downloadable after the booking). Keep in mind: this time period is not precise and may differ according to traffic, transfer time and date, public holidays, etc.

 Please, make changes in your order in advance if you receive any new information about the traffic situation.

For it, you need to indicate your flight number with both letters and numbers.

As an example, TK338 is a full flight number; however, 338 is incomplete.

In case you give us an incorrect flight number, our driver won't be able to meet you on time at the airport.

The minimum required time of pre-order depends on the vehicle class.

If you book vehicles of Premium class or Minibus  you need to make a booking not less than 24 hours before the trip.

If you book standard types of vehicles ( Economy, Comfort, Minivan ), you need to book not less than 16 hours before the start of your transfer.

If your trip starts later than the time mentioned above, you can make an urgent booking. It might take some time for us to find a car. We will let you know as soon as possible if we are able to provide the service.

Indicate the address of your destination or your hotel name precisely.

Important: You need to have a look at the voucher (a document verifying your reservation and sent it to you after reserving a room) to find the hotel address.

Ziyas team is always happy to be useful for all partners. Contact us at [email protected] and we will answer any of your questions.

The easiest way to book a return transfer is when booking the main transfer. For that, indicate the date and time of the return transfer in the given area in the booking form.

Important: If the return transfer differs from the main one, then these are two different transfers. It needs to be issued as new one.

The voucher sent to you by e-mail is a booking confirmation.
The voucher contains all the details of your transfer.

Important: If the confirmation letter did not arrive, then contact our manager by email at [email protected] or write to the online chat.

You can. However, make sure that the passenger’s phone number and email address are correct.
If the data are incorrect, the passenger will not receive a booking confirmation with the details of the trip.

The following payment options can be:
1. Pay the full price online in your preferred currency.
2. Partial prepayment on the site, the rest to be paid to the driver upon arrival at the place.

If you want to pay the booking by invoice, you need contact the manager via email at [email protected].

 These payment methods provide money transfers in a safe manner due to international standards. Data is entered on a secure page, which is called a payment gateway. This guarantees the security and safety of your data and money transfer.

It is recommended to pay in the currency indicated in your voucher.

Important: you should prepare the required amount in cash beforehand.

You are free to discuss payment in another currency with your driver, but he/she has the right to reject and ask you to exchange money.

If you book a taxi transfer from the airport to the city, the price already includes one hour waiting after the scheduled arrival time. If your flight delayed for less than 4 hours, the driver would be able to monitor it and arrive by the time of landing. If you got informed about a long flight delay, we kindly ask you to inform the driver as soon as possible by calling one of the phone numbers sent to your email.

Important: If the waiting time takes longer than 1 hour, the driver may ask to pay extra for waiting.

If you book a transfer from the hotel, the price includes 15 minutes of waiting from the time stated in the order.

Please send us an email at [email protected] with a description of the difficulties encountered. We will try to solve the problem as soon as possible.

Besides, we recommend you to follow some simple steps: restart your device and return to the payment; or change payment method if other options do not help.

Regardless of age every child is considered a passenger, and you should consider it at entering the number of passengers while booking.

While entering the details of the booking, you can choose the type of child seat that you need. Child seats are paid extra.

In most countries, a child seat is a requirement. The safety of children transportation is regulated by law and not using child seats can cause fine.

If you are with a child and do not order a child seat, the driver has a right to reject the transfer.

You can find the information about the number of passengers and pieces of baggage provided for each vehicle class on our website. Each class is demonstrated by vehicle models, belonging to that particular class. If you cannot decide which class will be the most suitable for you, ask our manager in an online chat.

We guarantee to provide you a car of a selected class or superior comfort or capacity. Rules of replacement are as follows:


  • class Economy can be replaced by Comfort, Business, Premium, Minivan 7 pax classes;
  • class Comfort can be replaced by Business, Premium, Minivan  7pax classes;
  • Business-class can be replaced by Premium class;
  • Minivan class 7pax can be replaced by, Minibus  10pax classes;
  • Minibus classes 19pax can be replaced by Minibus of a bigger capacity. 
  • Important: the production years and models of the cars on the website are provided for general information.

Each vehicle has its own capacity which is indicated on the website.

A standard piece of baggage is considered a bag or a suitcase whose length, width and height do not exceed 158 cm.

You can put your hand luggage in the car.

Important:  if you are traveling with bulky luggage (for example, skis or snowboards in case of transfers to the ski center as well as bikes, prams, wheelchairs, big suitcases, golf clubs, etc.), you need to contact us through [email protected] or via online chat to select an appropriate vehicle class.

For standard luggage, the sum of three dimensions (length, width, and height) should not exceed 158 cm. Any bigger baggage can be considered non-standard.

If you have non-standard luggage with you (skis or snowboards in case of private transfers to the ski center as well as bikes, prams, wheelchairs, big suitcases, golf clubs, etc.), you need to consult with Ziyas support manager what vehicle type is more suitable for you.

For consultations contact us in email [email protected] or via online chat.

As soon as you realized that your flight is delayed, please inform your driver by calling the phone number sent to you before or Ziyas support manager via email [email protected] or through online chat. Provide the order number and the updated arrival time.

The price of your transfer is the same within a city.

To order a transfer to a hotel in the “To” field, you can select a city, and on the checkout page, specify the exact address.

If you need to make a long stop or deviate from the planned route, you need to discuss the price of the stop or detour with the driver before the trip.

The voucher, sent to your email that confirms your booking, indicates the fixed price of a trip to the pre-defined destination without extra stops or detours.

The transportation of animals is regulated by the legislation. Any animal should be transported in a portable container and have medical certificates and other required documents according to the legislation of the country visited.

Important: in case of a law violation, your driver has a right to reject that transfer.


If a pick-up place is an airport-the driver will meet you at the exit of the arrivals area or at the defined meeting point. The meeting point will be indicated in the voucher that we will send you after completing the booking.

If a pick-up place is a hotel-the driver will wait for you in the lobby of the hotel.

All information about the meeting will be indicated in the voucher that confirms your reservation.

A day before the transfer, we will send the phone number of the driver to your email.

In addition, you will get the driver’s contact number through SMS on your phone, which you indicated while booking the transfer.

Important: To contact the driver, use the phone number sent to you in the message.

Important: please call or send a text message to the driver if your flight is delayed by more than half an hour or is rescheduled for another time, as well as if baggage collection at the airport takes longer than planned.

We guarantee that the driver will do his/her best to meet you.

The driver will have your contact number and you will have his/hers as well. Don't turn off your mobile.

If you didn’t find the driver, please check the names on signs one more time. It is possible that the driver did not notice when you went out. Wait for 15 more minutes and try to call the driver - he/she can be still on his/her way.

If the driver did not get in touch within 30 minutes past the appointed time, please, approach the information point to book a taxi from the airport to the city, from hotel to the airport or railway station, or any other route, our driver was supposed to drive you.

Important: we will refund your money, in case the driver does not meet you.

You can change the order through the button in the received e-mail

You can cancel transfer through the button in the recived e-mail

The terms of cancellation and refund strategy:
If you inform us 24 hours before - refund 100%
If you inform us 12-24 hours before - 50% refund
If you inform us less than 12 hours before - refund 0%

If the order was canceled more than 24 hours before the transfer, the payment will be refunded within 30 business days.

After 30 business days if the refund has not been delivered to your account, please check the history of your balance.

If there are no refund notifications, please contact us by email at [email protected] or text online chat.


Yes, according to the rules of cancelation, you may cancel one of the trips.  Cancelation, which occurs before 24 hours left is free of penalty; however, late cancelation
will cause a penalty equivalent to the rate of the trip.