Taxi or Transfer Service? Which One to Choose While Transferring from Airport?

Arriving an airport after a flight might feels a bit tiring. So, you would love to transfer from the airport to your hotel by car in order to get rid of bus’ or train’ stress. But which one to take: taxi or private transfer service? This might be a challenging question for some, but not as much as it may sound. Here is why!

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Transfer service company Ziyas provides various benefits for travellers’ airport transfer over any taxi service. Safety is one of the most influencing factors while deciding between airport transfer service and taxi. Ziyas’s transfer service always outperforms any taxi service in safety due to the following factors:


Good hygiene is very important for us, so our drivers always comply with hygiene and cleanliness standards.

Ziyas’s drivers possess and make frequent use of liquid/gel hand sanitizer themselves, maintain a respectful distance from customers during greet at the end of journeys. They will continue to assist passengers with their luggage, but after handling customer luggage, they will disinfect their hands, once the luggage is placed safely in the trunk.


Ziyas thoroughly checks vehicles for technical and safety compliance on a daily basis.

All of our vehicles go regularly through technical compliance inspections, and Ziyas makes sure technical compliance of their vehicles. In addition, drivers sanitize every touch point after every journey using single-use disinfecting wipes, as well as completely disinfecting the vehicle with spray and wipes.

Baby Seat

Humans are very skeptical about safety especially when it comes to their baby. It is a legal requirement for children and youngsters to travel in a baby seat, and if you do not have your own, or do not wish to bring it with you, Ziyas can help you out. As a company, Ziyas puts high value on safety and security, so we ensure we, and you, comply with this regulation when you travel with us. All of our drivers are trained and experienced in fitting baby seats to our vehicles, so you can be confident that your child will travel in safety and comfort.

If you require the service, please inform us in advance, so we will be able to provide you with a car seat that is suitable for your child.

Ziyas aims to provide the most effective level of all-round service and given the importance of these seats, and their proper use, this is something we are more than happy to offer. If you want to be confident about travelling safely, make sure you travel with a fitted baby seat.

Traffic Instructions

Following traffic instructions is essential part of safety rules and regulations at Ziyas. Thus, our drivers always drive responsibly in order to secure safety of customers, themselves, and other drivers on the road.


Ziyas focuses on health and wellness of customers specially; therefore, every car now comes equipped with sanitizers, which you will find in the central armrest.

Online Payment

Having customers pay online is a good way to keep a safe distance between customers and drivers. You can safely book your airport transfer and make a payment online on


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