Why to Use Airport Transfer Service During COVID-19 and Post-Pandemic

Traveling a new destination whether for business or pleasure, might be challenging for travelers especially in times of post-crisis. Since almost everything we do in our daily life from going to work, education, shopping, or entertainment are now being restricted due to COVID-19, sorting out transportation for a trip has become major concern to the average traveler.

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However, private airport transfer service still offers us a safe and reliable experience in our trips during post-pandemic. In times of post-crisis, people’s health and safety is number one priority especially when it comes to traveling abroad. According to a global study by CNN, the biggest concern of international travelers is the safety of their lives and property. So, the transfer service company Ziyas provides various benefits for your airport transfers such as the convenience, flexibility in choices, security, and less stress. Ziyas’s airport transfer service is the best way of transportation to protect customers’ safety in different ways:

Cleaning and Disinfecting

Most of the vehicles at Ziyas are thoroughly cleaned after each journey using appropriate cleaning products and materials. Additionally, objects and surfaces such as door handles, seat belts and buckles and any other obvious hard surface that may have been touched by a passenger are frequently cleaned and disinfected. This would include areas that may have been infected following a passenger coughing or sneezing such as physical divisions between the front and rear of the vehicle, the rear of front seats and so on.

Social Distancing

As you certainly know, we are asked to keep our distance from each other, and that is going to be our new normal for the time being. Different from public transportation where it is hard to keep social distance, in private airport transfer service social distancing advice is observed at all times between the driver and the passenger(s).

Medical Examination

All of Ziyas’s drivers go through medical checkups regularly and provide medical examination reports. So, Ziyas makes sure drivers’ health condition for safety of its employees and customers.

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