When will airlines start flying again?

Many airlines have suspended flights and many airports are closed due to the coronavirus pandemic. The governments and WHO advise against any non-essential travel. And the main question is when will airlines start flying again?

Different airline companies are planning to restart flights on various dates. Here are some of them:


Germany's airline company will resume flights to 106 destinations from June 1.


The airline company will fly to 16 more cities from June 15, among them Manchester and Dublin following the UAE's lifting of restrictions on transit passengers.


According to Ryanair, the company will begin to operate on a broad schedule - to and out of 19 UK airports, to countries mainly situated in Europe - from the beginning of July.

The airline intends to release 40 percent of its schedule at 1,000 flights every day.

Wizz Air

The Hungarian airline was the first European airline to commence flights again, with services out of London Luton already operating to destinations around Europe.


EasyJet will resume flights on June 15 from 22 European countries.

Virgin Atlantic

The airline plans to return to the following destinations:

  • Heathrow to Barbados (August 1)
  • Heathrow to San Francisco (August 4)
  • Heathrow to Tel Aviv (August 9)
  • Heathrow to Miami (August 18)
  • Heathrow to Lagos (August 23)
  • Heathrow to Atlanta (August 25)

Norwegian Air

Norwegian is to restart some flights from July 1, but only short-haul.


Portugal's airlines will resume more than 240 weekly flights, starting July 1, from Lisbon to the rest of Europe, the US and Canada.

Air China

The company will operate 24 international routes between up to July 1.


Italian flag carrier plans to operate 30 routes, both domestic and international, from June 2.

Jet 2

The airline says it will resume operations for its flights and holidays on July 15.

Copa Airlines

Copa Airlines plans to begin offering flights to a handful of destinations including Mexico City, Miami, New York JFK, and Orlando from June 1.

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